Tips for Selecting the Perfect Venue for Your Special Day

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Venue for Your Special Day

There are a number of questions that your should answer before beginning your search for your venue.

How important is the date? With date flexibility your expand your options immeasurably. And if you’re wiling to host a smaller wedding on a weeknight, you’ll improve your chances of your venue being available. And with the added bonus of saving money.

Decide if you prefer a unique venue where you make all of your choices, or a hotel, ballroom, or club where you must use their caterer and their alcohol.

For those unique venues visit

Knowing your approximate guest count, and whether you wish indoors/outdoors/or both is important.

And for South Florida weddings, realized that South Florida stretches from Palm Beach to Key West. Knowing your preferred location is helpful.

And don’t discount Miami’s Redland/Wedland area. Less than an hour’s drive from MIA there are over 30 venues from which to choose at reasonable, budget-friendly pricing.

Should you decide on a venue where the catering and bar are included, they generally incorporate the venue charge into their pricing, and many also offer reduced room rates.

But if you’re interested in something unique, exotic, and inspiring, you must keep in mind that every venue charges a venue rental fee ranging in price from a couple thousand dollars, to six figures, with the average rental rate at around $5,000-10,000 on a Saturday night.

As far as budgeting is concerned, the venue will cost you somewhere between 15% and 25% of your total budget.

Happy Planning!

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